Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home from Louisiana

We just spent a week at Keith's parent's home. We have only been twice in the last three years, so this trip was a long time coming! The kids got to play with their cousins and Keith and I finally got to meet our 'new' brother in law and our niece and nephew. We all enjoyed being there and no one was ready to come home.

Keith golfed, played basketball with his friends, and fished with the boys and the other guys of the family (and Aunt Toodie!). Both Seth and Micah caught fish. The kids played outside for hours and had a great time. I shopped with my sister in law and enjoyed my mother in law's cooking.

On Saturday, all of Keith's brothers and sisters and their spouses and kids, and his uncle and aunt came to see us from Houston. We loved getting to see everyone. It was a wonderful gift from the Lord to get to go. Here are pictures from the day:



Everybody - Keith's parents, and and aunt and uncle,
brothers and sisters and their spouses and kids.

*trying* to get a family shot

Seth, Bethany, Keith, Nathan, me, Abby, and Micah

Mamaw and Pawpaw join us

Oh yeah, I posted it...check out the video below!

Keith, Bethany, and Abby's head

Daddy and Nathan

Micah with his new 'do

Bethany calls him Nay-Nay

This video of Keith and his sister, Christy, is too funny...

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  1. I love all these sweet pictures of your family!