Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flat Stanley

Have you heard of Flat Stanley? Our friends in Texas sent Flat Stanley to live with us for a few days. I have to admit that I had to charge my camera before we could do much of anything, and then I had to remember to actually take him with us to do stuff!

He did make it to church with us this morning. New Life Church went to Shelby Forest Baptist Church for a covenant service and a yummy pot luck meal afterwards. Stanley had his picture made with Kelly, the pastor, our family, and another family from the church. Fortunately, Stanley doesn't eat much, being so flat, so he made his appearance after lunch.

Stanley has also met some other friends of ours, and tomorrow we are off to the seminary to introduce him to the President!

We hope that Mrs. Keeton's class enjoys seeing Stanley when he returns home! He can't wait to get back to Texas!

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