Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May. So far...

Abby turned 5!

We got to spend some time away. 
The kids had a great time playing outside.

Abby had her second ballet recital.

He's just too cute!

March and April

We put Nathan in a nursery at a church we went to for a
special event, and that night, he got a stomach bug.  Fortunately
for him, it was really short (I didn't know he was sick in his
bed until I got him up the next morning) but he didn't feel good all day.

When Nathan got better, the rest of us got sick.  Thankfully,
most of the kids were sick before I got it!

The boys are all about light sabers and guns and swords.

Sometimes there are casualties...

He's a pastor's kid...she's a missionary's kid...both mommas are
already planning the wedding.  No, I'm not joking.  Am I CJ?

Nathan's working on perfecting "The Fit"

Email me if you can tell me the secret to getting five kids to
all be happy and look at the camera at the same time...


I haven't forgotten to blog...January and February

I just haven't taken the time to do it lately.  We've been wrapping up school and just living life, so I just haven't kept things up to date here!

Here are some pictures to update you on where we are:

Micah lost his first tooth...

We went to our niece's wedding in Keith's hometown...

It snowed...

Nathan figured out how to sleep sitting up...

And he figured out how to cut a flip...

In February, the big kids went to visit Nana and
Gramps, so the little ones got lots of time with Keith and I.

Then it snowed again.  In February.

Nathan doesn't cuddle much, but he enjoys it when he does.

Micah turned 7!