Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family Vacation Part 1

This week we had our very first family vacation that did not involve staying with family.  We went to Nashville for a few days and had a great but incredibly cold time. 

Our first full day there, we took the kids to see the Parthenon.  Most of the pond in front of the building was frozen over and all of the ducks and birds were walking on the ice.  There was a van from a news station there - I guess it was a good story.  It was pretty cool to see the birds walking on the ice, no pun intended.

Inside the Parthenon is a replica of the goddess Athena.  I can imagine that the people who went to the temple to worship her were probably terrified of such an imposing statue, and since they would not have had the modern lighting that we do, she probably would have been scarier by torch light.  We had a great conversation about idols and what God has to say about cutting down a tree and using part of the tree to warm yourself with a fire and the other part to carve an idol.

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