Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thought I'd Say 'Hi'

It's been a while since I've blogged...its been a busy month. The kids came home two weeks ago today and we started school two days later. We just finished our second week, and it has gone really well. God has really blessed our time in that both babies are napping in the afternoon and we are able to have plenty of quiet time to work fairly uninterupted.

Our first day, I decided to have a last minute field trip. Literally. We went to take pictures with the sunflowers in a field. It would have been nice to have everyone smiling and happy, but since we don't fake much around here, having 5 children looking happy all at the same time would look pretty contrived. Or photoshopped.

I tried to get all 5 of them in one picture, but Bethany knows that you can see the picture if you stand by Mommy and look at the tv on the camera. What she hasn't figured out yet is that Mommy actually has to take the picture first. So when I get the camera out, she runs to see the picture that I haven't taken yet. Which is why she is not in this picture. Oh, and Abby started to have a meltdown. And Nathan thought the grass was cool.

My sweet, happy boys.

Abby was still melting down. I did get Bethany in front of the camera, though!

My favorite Seth in the whole world...

Followed by my favorite Micah...who only winks at his momma.

Abby finally relaxed enough to smile a little. By then, she was too hot to be too happy.
Bethany had her own meltdown, but it was literal.
And my precious Nathan, who rarely complains about anything.

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  1. Your kids are so adorable! Thanks for sharing.