Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flat Stanley Meets More People!

Last week, Flat Stanley was busy meeting people and going places! First he met Brent, Keith's best friend, who is also a pastor.

Then he took a ride on our Sit-N-Spin...

Then he met with the President of Mid-America Seminary, Dr. Spradlin, who, after taking the picture, showed us his "really cool" office with a poison dart blow gun, rocks from all over the world (right up Seth's ally), trophies, and a shofar that he blew for us. Both the boys and Abby were thoroughly impressed.

After leaving the Seminary and dropping the boys off at home, Abby had off we went to see Mrs. Carrie, her wonderful ballet instructor. Flat Stanley also got to have his picture made with three very cute little girls. It was the highlight of his day!

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